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by Tammy C.

Last year while on our way to Memphis, TN. (I was riding with my husband on our 03 Road King), we were entering an intersection when a little Ford P/U decided to make a left hand turn directly in front of us. My husband Steve and I were the lead bike and while he locked up both front and rear brakes and we slid slightly sideways just as we got to the rear bumper of the truck Steve let of the brakes and gave her just enough fuel that our Road King literally stood to attention and sailed just behind the rear bumper of that truck. Of course I just knew we were going down and I held on for dear life, once around the truck we entered the first available driveway and parking lot where I was soon off the bike and sobbing with fear, gratification for my husband’s skill and last but certainly not least, thankfulness at being allowed to continue breathing! The four bikers behind us (& their wives) all pulled in of course and were amazed at the skills my husband Steve had displayed, it was @ that time he explained to all of us his “What If” game.

Steve says that every time he mounts his bike he makes himself aware of his surroundings, driveways, intersections, open fields, brushy areas where the deer and other animals like to run out from, and he simply pretends (when there is nothing), that “What If” a deer, rabbit, or dog ran out, then using his imagination he reacts. Just before we enter an intersection or crossroad, he lightly lays his first three fingers of his right hand on top of the hand break, “What If”.

Steve says he began playing the game after we began riding steady a couple of years ago but he says he even plays it in the car and his truck (you guessed it, he is a truck driver) and it has gotten him out of several a near miss, not as close as our trip to Memphis but just the same I have learned to play his game. It has taught me a lot about my own driving ability not only in a vehicle but on my bike as well. I am here today because of a simple game my husband taught me, and I hope that by me telling this story if it helps just one other person, it was well worth our own very scary experience.

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From Tammy: "I recently bought my 1st Harley, a 2005 Soft tail Deluxe {White on Black}. This is my 2nd year of riding but my 1st year with a license (don't need anyone with me, watching my every move), I'm sure you all know that feeling!"

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