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Reasons to NOT Ride

by redb1ker

Over the years of teaching the MSF course I have heard a lot of different reasons for learning to ride.  To save gas, adventure, wind in my hair.

Here are the ones that frighten me.  " I am more comfortable as a passenger but, my honey wants me to learn how in case something happens to him.  That way I can get the motorcycle home."  I don't think so.  Just because you take a weekend class doesn't mean that you will be able to handle his Electraglide 3 and a half years later when he is too drunk or sick to get it home his self.  If you don't use what you learned on that weekend, you loose it.  "My boyfriend wants me to get my own motorcycle so we can carry more stuff on trips."  If you need to carry that much stuff on trips, you need to drive a car.  "My honey wants me to ride my own."  He doesn't want you on the back?? Hmm, that sounds like more than a motorcycle problem to me.  "My honey got a new motorcycle and wants me to ride the old one."

Motorcycles are like shoes, they MUST fit you.  Getting a motorcycle that is to tall or heavy for you is dangerous and uncomfortable.  It doesn't do a lot for your confidence, either.

Take the class because you want to be in control of the motorcycle.  Take the class because you want to join your friends on rides that your honey doesn't.  Take the class to see if you are cut out for riding.  I am not just directing this at the ladies.  I say this to everyone.  It is awful to have a student show up to class with a motorcycle (sometimes an expensive one) already purchased and waiting at the dealership.  What if that person doesn't pass or worse yet that person realizes that riding is not for them.

This is not as easy as driving a car.  You get physical on a motorcycle.

A weekend class is a good place to start. Make sure you are doing this because YOU want to.  Make sure the motorcycle you start with fits you.

Make sure you can afford the motorcycle AND all of the gear and luggage that you will need.  This is a selfish thing.  It IS all about you. 

Jay T.


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From redb1ker: "I am a 13 year MSF/Co. MOST certified instructor.  I have been riding for around 2 decades.  My present ride is a pristine 1985 HD FXRS (Superglide)." 

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