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by Gus

We've all seen them - the motorcyclists riding in formation on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes the line of bikes stretches for a mile or more. Joining a motorcycle group is fun and one of the greatest benefits of owning your own bike. Involving yourself with an active riding group is a great way to make new friends, put miles on your tires and even become involved with a charity or two along the way.

Motorcycle groups are formed by members who love the feel of the wind in their hair and the sight of an open road. Many are involved in community service events such as toy drives or charity poker runs. A good riding club will always be willing to accept new members, provided the group’s requirements are met. In an effort to promote safety and responsibility, many motorcycle groups require members to carry motorcycle insurance. is a great starting point for insuring your bike.

After insurance is purchased, the open road is yours. However, it is much more fun to ride with a group. Motorcycle groups can be found all over the country. Local event listings in newspapers often detail their rallies. Consider arriving at the rally point with your own bike and asking to join in. Alternatively, local parades are a great place to connect with other bike enthusiasts. Meet the motorcycle group at the end of the parade route and inquire about membership and events.

A motorcycle club can be formal or informal, with membership based on a local or national level. The bigger bike groups may have stricter regulations regarding new members, while the smaller groups are generally happy to ride with whomever shows up. The open road is better with friends by your side, and a motorcycle group is a great way to connect with others who have similar interests.

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Thank you Gus, for this contribution. Beginning riders are often intimidated by group riding or frustrated with finding new groups.

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