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Vega Mesh Women's JacketI decided it was time to balance protection (armored gear), comfort (mesh), and visibility (bright colors) with my feminine side. While touring the country in 2005, I wore either cool weather three-season gear (Hein Gericke Eco jacket and First Gear HT Overpants) or warm weather three-season gear (Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket and First Gear HT Air Overpants). Unfortunately at the time I purchased these the basic colors offered were usually black, black & silver, gray or black & gray.

While there might be reflective piping or strips to help visibility, they didn't do much doing the day unless cloudy and raining. Plus with my 3/4 flip-shield helmet, I also knew it was hard to determine if I was male or female. While some might consider that a good thing since I was traveling solo, now that I'm doing more local riding I decided it wasn't.

So the search for a new mesh jacket for warm weather three-season riding began. There were several choices out there but most didn't offer pink as an option. And pink was the color I wanted....combines with my black & white two-tone HD Softail Deluxe for the perfect nostalgic look. When I discovered the brand new offering from Vega, the company that makes the shorty helmet I have worn from the beginning, I decided to give it a try. Great price, warm liner, CE grade armor and reflectivity. What more could I ask for? Actually, only one thing...a waterproof liner. Since I had previously owned the Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket (which I sold, used, but would have replaced with the same if it came in better colors), I knew I could order their rain liner and it would work under any mesh jacket (although it works as a separate piece, not as a zip-in liner). So, I ordered the jacket ($90) and the rain liner (two different places) and waited. The liner arrived before the fit and I put it away. The jacket arrived a couple of days later. 

The jacket fit perfectly - it came in women's sizing and several adjustment straps on the arms as well as wrists, waist and neck. The neck is a bit loose but when the weather is warm, that is a good thing. Other times I have several neck wraps that will work (fleece turtle for one). The jacket feels stiff when first putting it on...even after several wearings. But more importantly, it doesn't when riding. It's cut to fit well with curved arms and other than noticing the back protector (which I notice in all my jackets), it is very comfortable.

It has a large inside pocket and two outside zip pockets. The quality for the price is good. This is not a high-end jacket and probably will only last a couple of seasons. But most jackets in this price range and even some higher only have high-density foam padding. I have always replaced the padding with CE armor or equivalent. All-in-all, this jacket meets me needs, keeps me feeling protected and will work well (with the add of the rain liner) for warm three-season riding.

Vega Mesh Women's JacketVega Mesh Women's JacketVega Mesh Women's Jacket
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Thanks to FrogBiker for submitting this personal review. Froggi has been riding since 2002, but it seems like only yesterday she was learning. Her current ride is a 2011 HD® SuperLow Sportster.

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