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submitted by IntruderPassion

Did I want to ride my own or not? Was there a bike I wanted? It all started last year (2002) when the S.O. bought a Honda Nighthawk 750 & came to visit. We went riding 2 up. I was VERY nervous! Then he told me to get on it and go...I was terrified, could only touch the ground with my toes. I realized if I was going to get involved with this I wanted to control my own!

I started by looking on the net, thought I really wanted a Honda Shadow (apparently I'm a cruiser lover!) Then to see one for real we went to Biketoberfest last year. I could have saved myself the trouble! The first morning there was an Intruder in the hotel parking lot before we headed out. I was in instant lust!! Honda brought no Shadows to the show, and they were kind of rude to boot! Left still wanting the Intruder, RED!!! Found a few for sale on line & finally lucked into a 2000 with low miles, garage kept.

It was a great choice for me. Perfect seat height to flat foot, already had a windshield & LeatherLyke bags, Boulevard slash pipe slip-ons (nice low rumble!) The thing runs like a jackrabbit! It is a tiny bit top heavy compared to some others, but nothing that creates a problem. Every mechanic I've talked to has said it is practically the most reliable bike they know of....most have never even seen the inside of the engine because it never needs work, just change the fluids when scheduled, replace the tires when worn & ride your butt off! Oh yeah, and no chain to mess with, it's shaft drive!

The stock seat was okay for a while, but now that I've broken it in, it's got to go! Too little cushion in the back of the seat allows it to become very uncomfortable after about 30-40 miles. The gas tank is small, but since you should stop every 100 miles or so, it makes that easy! There is some vibration at about 75 mph, but it is not that bad & you get used to it very quickly.

It's an eye catching machine & I haven't done anything except change the driver's foot pegs. I would like a mural on the tank, but that's just for me! For a lady rider, or a small guy I think it is the perfect bike & one you can hang onto for a long time without having to trade up very soon. It keeps up with the "big boys" quite nicely, and blows some of them away off the line, although they will catch up! If I'd change anything besides the seat (are you listening Suzuki??) it would be to add a 6th gear....sometimes you just feel like there should be a little more on the top end! There are better choices out there if you intend to go really long distances, better choices for the major twisties, but this bike does both reasonably well. And the price is right new or used!

Thanks to IntruderPassion for submitting this personal review. She's been riding since December 2002 on her Suzuki Intruder 800 and is a member of SCRC, SunCoast Chapter.

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