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2007 Suzuki Hayabusa

submitted by BusaGirl

Love the smoothness of the Busa and cannot reiterate respecting the bike enough. Too many get this high speed bike and do just that...high speed.

I handle this bike well and don't have to front on speeding just because I can. (Ok, did kick it to 140 mph but didn't know it until I looked down 'cause that's how smooth the ride is)...Most guys look twice when they see me riding it and the attention can be overwhelming at times but it's all good. I don't ride it for the attention I get I ride it for the pure pleasure and enjoyment like every other bike rider.

Hubby has an '05 Hayabusa Limited Edition and we roll everywhere together as well as apart. LOVE THIS RIDE! Not meant for the timid.

About BusaGirl:
"I've been riding a '07 'busa for nearly one year now and LOVE it. Upgraded from a 636 Kawasaki after 2 years, before that rode a 250 Kawasaki for 'bout 3 months - and the difference in power is phenomenal.
Curves, speed, shifting and the weight of the bike MUST be respected first and foremost. It is like the cadillac of the sports bike. I am 6'2" tall and approx 160 lbs and have no problem with the weight of this bike.
Again, respect it and it respects you."

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