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Honda Rebel 250cc

submitted by Bilgin A.

I have been a motorbike rider for thirty years now, so I am a fair judge of good practical motorbikes -I think anyhow.

My experience is a well maintained Japanese bike can be very enjoyable andpractical machine and above all inexpensive and realizable. Having once owned an MZ 125cc which was crude and hard. Where the oil had to be poured into the petrol tank. what a messy Smokey machine than was.

Having owned a range of small to medium size bikes from the Yamaha, 125cc (good) to the Honda Dream 250cc (very top heavy bike) to the now Honda Rebel 250cc. Almost a great bike.

I want to say a little about the Honda Rebel which is the bike I am riding right now, but first I would like to say something about a motor to be treated with respect and given quality oils and service I must say I bow down to the Japanese craftsman for creating a small gem of a motor in their Honda 90cc. This bike is the true king of the world. From the peasant in the far east to the pizza boy in New York, this motor was designed to serve. I give it great respect. I have owned two and I could not tell you the years and years of punishment I gave these machines and like an old dog always remained faithful. They became friends to trust. Well done Japan.

Unfortunately not all your other machines can be given such high praise. I like the Rebel very much, as I have said I use it for work and getting around the busy London roads. I'll mention the poor points first, I think the fuel tank could be bigger as 85 miles can be quickly knocked up. I know it states it can do more miles, but not everyone drives in a straight line at 45 mph.

The handle bar are slightly wide for cutting through stagnant traffic and can be moved in slightly. Poor take off. slow to pick up speed. No lights on the gages for night riding. Poor response machine. The final finish is not as good as sum. Honda could have topped this group of bikes but I really think there are to many points against it to be the number one in the group.

Good points, itís simple, fun and friendly. It does a job of getting you from A to B and Z fairly comfortably and safely. The safety aspect is a very important factor I think with this bike. Easy too repair economical, and a decent looking motor.

A little customizing can bring out the individual character of this machines. A big looking bike without the big pricing that often goes with big motors. For someone that wants looks style comfort, safety and economy The Rebel could fit that bill.

Thanks to Bilgin for submitting this personal review all the way from London, England. About Bilgin, "A motorbike rider mainly for commuting to work and getting around town faster."

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