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Honda Fury

submitted by BLISSD

: Bought my red Honda Fury this June and what a sweet ride it is. This bike has 1312cc's and other than the weight that comes in at around 668 it is a dream. The bike is unbelievably balanced and corners well. The low seat height allows my 5'3" frame to be flat footed with no heel or any rise.
The look is very custom chopper, and everywhere I go I am stopped by men admiring the look of this bike, when I tell them it's a Honda (as there isn't a lot of decals) they just can't believe it.

I can ride about 150-180 miles on a tank of gas (3.6 gal tank) that's usually when I need a pit stop anyway. The factory seat is very comfortable and having spent a whole day riding it hasn't drained me or left me needing a massage like the Yamaha used to. My old back injury has never flared up on this bike, but used to on the Yamaha. There is so much to love about this bike that it is challenging to pinpoint, but the feel of the bike is incredible, it's smooooooth. I absolutely love the look of this bike, with the factory rear tire at 200mm and a 21in thin front tire, the look is definitely custom, but for the low price on this bike I didn't have to sell my first born to own it. It has plenty of power and I can now keep up to my hubby's Harley-Davidson V-Rod.

Ok, now for the drawbacks...bags look ridiculous, so you need to travel smart. I do have a small bag attached with bungees to the rear seat. For long rides my hubby takes the packs. I do think a sissy bar is in store for me soon to haul my own pack. I have a windshield, but it's really more for looks than function. The tank is beautiful and really makes the bike, but holds only 3.6 gallons of gas. However, I am averaging around
51 mpg.

For my riding style this bike is great, I test rode a lot of bikes before making my final decision from Harley's to Big Dogs and quite a bit in between this is the most comfortable bike of them all. The reliability that a Honda has was also a big consideration, as I want to ride not pay expensive repair bills and be stranded out in God knows where waiting for a tow. Ladies who have some experience and are looking for a great bike to ride need to check out the fury.

"ride it like you stole it"

Thanks to BLISSD for submitting this personal review. BLISSD says, "I ride a Honda Fury since trading in my Yamaha 650. I have 7000 miles under my belt since I began riding in Oct. 2008."

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