Dedicated to the women who RIDE THEIR OWN motorcycles  

Why, Why, Why?

by Marianne (Chrome Nomad)

By day, I am a tame, loving mother and part time Realtor. I am also wife (fifteen years and counting) to a traveling man and all the other things that come with these roles. I take my son to karate and I am teaching my other son proper use of this convoluted language we speak here in America. My boys and my husband are my life. So, why would I want to jeopardize all that by doing something as dangerous as riding a motorcycle?

"I had an uncle once who had a bad motorcycle wreck and was badly hurt." I've heard it all. Yes, I've had multiple friends who died on motorcycles. I've also known people who died in car wrecks, but I still drive a car. So, why do we ride? It's a man's world out there. Why would we want to be a part of that mixed up bunch of misfit bikers? I

scoff. Well, folks, Bikers aren't all their stereotype would have you believe them to be. Bikes are expensive, so the traditional Bad Boy Biker image is frequently an alter-ego of a weekday professional.

While riding motorcycle riding is considered dangerous, I believe that statistics will show some degree of inflation of that danger. Many people drop bikes - sure. I've come close but was able to wrestle it back before it went past the point where I could hoist it back. I was all but stopped and it would have done little more than scratch my leg and infuriate me at my own mishandling of a turn. How many people get in serious accidents on motorcycles, really?

Most accidents are by novice riders. Yes, novice riders. How many of us go to a parking lot and practice slow maneuvers? We should. Drive a cul-de-sac in your neighborhood and make your turns around get smaller and smaller on a regular basis. Make both left and right turns. Practice yanking the bike left or right, then back, as if you were avoiding an obstacle or animal. Another great thing thing to do is to take a riding course. In my area there are beginner and advanced courses. The beginner courses offer a great opportunity to learn riding from complete novice to street safe on their motorcycles. You will do cones, emergency braking and obstacle avoidance, class time, plus lots of other stuff all in one

quick weekend. It's blessed by the licensing agency of Texas and can constitute the riding portion of your motorcycle license. The advanced course requires you to ride your own bike and focuses on advanced emergency procedures which you really need to be able to do in real-life situations. Take the course. Learn all you can learn, and practice frequently because the road isn't always straight and dry. Eventually you will need to call upon those skills.

So, now motorcycle riding isn't as dangerous. Why do I ride? Multiple reasons. First, because sometimes I need to step out of my Wife/Mother groove and take a break. I get on the bike and leave that behind. I can ride together with husband or friends or alone and I'm, a carefree kid again. Children, jobs, and responsibilities are placed neatly on a shelf for a few hours. I can't even talk on my cell phone. When I return I feel as invigorated and alive as if I had just dipped my sweaty body into a cool pool.

Second, maybe I like to stir the pot a little so to speak. I do not like fitting into neat little stereotypes. I revel in my uniqueness and individuality. No cookie-cutter roles for me. I do not want to be classified as an "A," "B," or "C." I'm so excited to see other women out there riding. High five to all of you other ladies out there who have the courage to do your own beautiful, thing regardless of the opinions of others!

Finally, I've always been a bicycle rider so I understand the physics of two wheels. I love the speed. Motorcycles are like bicycles on steroids. All I can say is that some of us out there have to experience a little risk and be on the edge just a little for the life inside us to be fully awakened and for us to feel alert to wonders this beautiful world has to offer. Let's celebrate our love of bikes. When someone asks us why we ride, just say, "If I have to explain it to you, you'll never understand." You go, girls!

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From Marianne (Chrome Nomad): "If I have to explain this dangerous hobby to you, you'll never understand."

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