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Tim Horton's Coffee Flub

by Eva T.

The Don'ts of riding with your man.

I usually like to have a coffee or two before I am actually awake enough to ride my motorcycle on any given Sunday. Hubby is usually out dressed and sitting on his bike waiting. Just like any typical male might do. This particular morning I had had two extra large coffees before starting our ride as I felt too sleepy and didn't want to mess up anything. I went to the ladies room before leaving home and I got on the bike. Well, don't you know it, coffee just happens to be the the ultimate diuretic (makes you pee...often).

Ok, so off we go on our merry way, riding for about 25 minutes and the old bladder is filling up at this time and the mouth is starting to feel a bit dry as well (dehydration), we stop at a light, I look over at hubby, "I gotta pee" I tell him. His eyebrows come together and he starts to frown. The little cogs in his head are turning. "Didn't you pee before we left?" he asks. "Yes" I tell him.

So luckily there is a coffee shop up ahead and we stop. I run in and feel much better after relieving my overblown bladder. Off we go again riding for about 30 minutes. We stop to make a turn at a stop sign. I look over at hubby and tell him " I gotta pee again". Now the frown is a little deeper and the eyes a little narrower. "What! again!" he says. "Uh-huh" I say.

Ok so we ride to another location 10 minutes down the road. I go, again! Feel better and off we ride again. We ride for about an hour and there goes my bladder again, this time we are riding on a dirt road with many pot holes that need to be avoided and bumpy parts. Now my bladder is screaming! I have to stand on the pegs so that I don't pee on my bike. I am quietly swearing at hubby in my head for taking a dirt road, it's all his fault! If we were on a regular paved road I could probably hold it. We make it to a road and up ahead is a coffee shop. I tell hubby "I gotta..". "Pee?", he finishes my sentence.

He shakes his head and pulls into the parking lot. I bet he wishes he was riding with a bunch of men by this point. We finally end our ride after about 5 hours but I can see hubby is not happy with all the pit stops in between. I haven't ridden with women bikers before but let me tell you, never have two extra large coffee's before riding. I was even starting to get on my own nerves before the day ended. A lesson that was learned and will never be forgotten.

Ride safe sisters and keep the shiny side up.

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About Eva:
"I have been riding with hubby for about a year now and can only tell you that riding with other women can only be a god send. Men sometimes just don't understand what it is like to be a lady rider."

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