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Mom's First Ride

by Kathy

Mom was up early in May to fit Elaine's Senior Ball gown. It was a real nice day, warm temperature, blue sky and bright sun. The dressmaking was finished rather early in the afternoon, so I asked Mom if she wanted to go for a ride. After a moment's hesitation, she said yes.

So I got Ray's leather jacket for her, my "winter helmet" and a pair of gloves. Emily, Elaine & Ben were still here and I think they were more excited than Mom!  I got the bike out and put on the taller back rest. Mom got her gear on and then she got the standard first time instructions. "TELL ME if you want to stop. Don't put your feet down. Don't lean. Hang on. ENJOY the ride." And we were off!

We went down Park Avenue (about 2 miles), turned north up a road called "Little Plum Run. Itís a real twisty-turny two-lane road. Then back over the hill behind the house and out to Park Ave again, just a block below the house.

The ride was about four miles. After we got back out to the bike house and Mom got off the bike, I think I recall hearing something like: "...we do this again.." I guess she liked her ride!


Text by KMD; Photos by Emily

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From Kathy: "I'm a married 40 something mother of 3, who has been riding just since '94. My current bike is a '97 Sportster." In here spare time, Kathy likes to visit the Women Who Ride (WWR) forum.

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