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I Love The Reactions!

by Beth

I feel such a sense of accomplishment every time I get on the bike. I would rather ride with someone but I get noticed a lot when I am alone. First it is just a cursory glance and then it's "Hey, it's a girl!!!"

Sometimes I am stubbornly ignored but usually I am worth another glance, both from men and women. That is SO much fun to watch their reactions. Mind, I only give them a very quick glance, as my eyes must always be scanning ahead and not fixating on a 'target'. I longed for years to be riding my own motorcycle but said to myself, "I can never do that."

I persevered--- and it wasn't easy---, getting friends to realize that I was serious about learning, but now it's the best feeling in the world to sit on the bike and realize that I am legal, trained, qualified, insured, licensed and responsible.

I am so proud. I still can't believe that I am 'one of them'-- those bikers who have been riding past my house all these years. (I am on a main road.)

The secret is, never think that you are great and that you know it all. Be open minded, aware, and mentally review all riding principles and practices before every ride...and give thanks for each ride that you finish healthy and happy...and always look forward to the next one, as I believe that a good ride is a gift.

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From Beth: "I ride a 2009 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster-it was 'low' but I asked that the shocks be changed because I am 5'8". It felt heavy and too growly at first (after my learner 250 Honda Nighthawk last year) but after a lot of slow speed maneuvers and practice both in traffic and on the open road I feel that the bike is not too much for me. (I am 61 so not in my prime.)"

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