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Life Long Dream To Ride, Crashed First Curve

by Diana R.

So, after 20 years and some major life crises, I purchased a brand new Yamaha V-Star 1100 last Wednesday, my 42nd Birthday. Tuesday I went to the local DMV and passed my permit test with flying colors. I have signed up for the Motorcycle Safety Course but couldn't get into it for a couple of months yet. I was so excited the day before I was to pick it up I was jumping out of my skin.

Then, my baby was to picked up...I went to the bike shop, signed all of my papers and suddenly this black cloud overcome me with fear...I was too scared to ride her home. I was freaking out so bad that I called a good friend to come give me a ride "ON MY BIKE" to my house. I felt so devastated and couldn't believe what I was feeling. I thought I would just get be able to hop back in the drivers seat and ride into the wind. OMG, was I wrong!!

My friend kept telling me to just take her out into the street and practice going around the block real slow until I felt comfortable. So I geared up, went out to the garage, put the keys in her, let her warm up, but I just felt so unsure, scared, nervous and I just couldn't believe I was feeling all of this for the first time. I just couldn't explain it.

So I warmed her up, carefully backed her out of the garage, went down to the street, shifted her into 1st and away I went, the weird feeling I had was disappointing as I headed down the street (real slow, but steady). I made a pretty flawless stop at the stop sign, signaled to turn right onto a one way street, started pulling out, and the scared feeling was coming back. I pulled out too far, couldn't get turned far enough to the right and saw I was going to hit the parked vehicle on the left side of the road if I didn't do something.

I pulled in the clutch, "front" brake and the next thing I knew I was plowing into a parked van at low speed and tipping onto my side. I couldn't get her picked up and I was freaking out so bad. Some nice older gentleman stopped and helped me stand her up. He asked me if I was hurt and I explained only my pride and my knee. I got the bike backed up to the curb and called my friend...come help and before I finished my words he said, "You biffed her, didn't you?" I told him that was preciously what happened but please just come quick! I also called my daughter to come help me push her into the garage as I bent the foot pedals up pretty badly and couldn't shift it. (Oh, did I forget to say all of this happened less than 1 block from my house!) How embarrassing!

My friend came over and bent everything back into place and helped me put her back to "almost" brand new. She has a few bruises, while I ended up with a few nasty ones too, but all is well! Ok, so I crashed and for the past week I have been having major conversations with I out of my mind, why can't I do this, should I keep it or sell it, but yesterday it dawned on me that I have to keep it and overcome whatever is causing this freaky feeling. I've wanted this more than anything....

So I called the Motorcycle Safety Course Coordinator, explained to her that it's crucial that I get in right away...she explained to me that they don't have a waiting list to get in in case of cancellations. Well, I did get in on a cancellation and I go this weekend. I am much more confident this week about riding, I know what it feels like to crash now!!

Hopefully the next time I submit a story it will be a great ride that I just finished. I look forward to meeting all of you lady riders who have taken to the open road and guys too!! Biking was a big part of my life and I'm looking forward to it being again. Ride SAFE!

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From Diana:
"My first drive was on a Kawasaki 1100 motorcycle as a result of my driver being impaired so I set out on an adventure to drive us both home, having never driven a bike in my life. It went well!! For the next 5 years I honed my riding skills becoming a good driver, NO FEAR was my middle name. I drove race cars, four-wheelers and anything else with speed and wheels. After we split I was destined to taking the back seat on rare occasions. I still drove four-wheelers quite often, an occasional auto race and my car like it had wings, however for the past 20 years I've wanted NOTHING more than to have my "own" bike. So that's where my journey begins and luckily I'm here to tell you the 'rest of the story'."

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