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Harley Family

by Margo

In 1987, my husband and I both owned Honda Rebels.  We rode them for about 2 or 3 years and than got away from them. Now, 20 years later, we are riding again.  This time on Harleys.

In June 2007, my oldest son bought an 883.  A week later my husband bought a 1200 Sportster.  I kept looking at them having so much fun and remembering the fun we had in the late 1980’s, that I thought, “why not get a scooter, that way I won’t have to relearn how to shift gears and I can still ride with them.”  So, off we went and bought a 2007 Suzuki 400 scooter, large enough to ride with the guys on the highway.  Then my youngest son got an 883L.  Now, father, mother and sons were riding together.  It wasn’t long until my boys were calling my scooter an igloo because of the storage space under the seat (kept drinks, etc., there when we rode). My sons on their 883s, my husband on his new ultra classic (he got it in October) and me on my scooter.  By Christmas, I wanted a regular bike but liked the style of the v-rod just not so sure I could handle it. 

While buying my grandson a Harley shirt as a Christmas present, I found a pre-owned 2006 blue v-rod.  The shop found a buyer for the scooter so we traded.  I now had a Harley as well.  Yes, I had to learn the gears again but it didn’t take very long.  I got teased by my husband and sons because this v-rod also had Rinehart mufflers so it was louder than ANY of theirs.  I rode this for about 9 or 10 months and at age 56 decided I had had enough of the loud pipes.  In late September, we traded the v-rod for a 2009 Road King Classic.  I think I’m done for a long while.  I ride to work occasionally and ride on weekend jaunts with the family.  Our friends call us the Harley family and with the newest addition to my Road King , I have space for the drinks again as I just got the tour pack.

Next goal, go on a longer ride, maybe to Louisiana or Galveston.  We live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Wish us luck.

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From Margo: "I currently ride a 2009 RoadKing Classic, I've been riding for a year and half (this time). We don't belong to any local clubs and visit this website occasionally."

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