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Look - It's a Girl on a V-RodŽ

by Dee

[Myrtle Beach, SC Bike Week, 2003] First thing I heard as we headed past the Harley Dealership was "Look, it's a Girl on a V-RodŽ". I laughed so hard I almost switched lanes. But after a while I thought about it, I had not seen any other female riders on a V-RodŽ. In fact we had only at that point seen one other V-RodŽ on the road. We talked to a lot of people the week that we were down there and did a lot of riding. In the span of one week I only saw one other woman on a V-RodŽ. Every female rider and a lot of the men asked me how I liked the ride. I became a self-appointed Poster Child for the fact that I think the V-RodŽ is a girls bike.

With an off the showroom floor seat height of only 26" it is a perfect fit. Having changed from a 1200 Sportster Custom it was the best riding decision I ever made. Not that I actually made the decision myself, initially I kicked and screamed and did not want the V-RodŽ. I wanted a Low RiderŽ or a Softail, the V-RodŽ was too un-Harley looking for me. My husband convinced me to at least try it. Took the V-RodŽ for a test ride and was sold. Of course the pipes were changed as were the wheels. She has Sampson short slashers on it and custom cut wheels. The best phases all week was "Look it is a Girl on a V-RodŽ" and damn she looks good.

V-RodŽ is a registered trademark of Harley-Davidson

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From Dee:
"I got my 2002 V-RodŽ Anniversary Edition as a present. I've been riding since 2000." You can find Dee visiting the
Harley Women Riders Forum forum.

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