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Conquering All Fears

by Kelly

On a Sunday afternoon August 23rd 2003 I was going on a ride with a friend of mine on the country roads on Whidbey Island. We were heading south down highway 20 enjoying an afternoon ride when suddenly we were hit by a Chevy Tahoe SUV Head-on. My riding partner was killed instantly and I was in critical condition. I was airlifted to a hospital in Seattle and spent several days there and then ended up in my towns local nursing home. I suffered a broken neck, broken ribs, four breaks to my pelvis, a broken hip, and my left hand was turned into hamburger. But by the grace of God I was alive. Eight months later, and with spring in the air and the weather getting nicer I began to have the desire to get back on the road again. My family thought I was crazy.

I was driving home from work and I saw a Honda Metropolitan scooter on the side of the road for sale. I decided to buy it. My girlfriend rode it home for me. I looked at it sitting in the garage a few days and then thought to myself I better get on it and see if I could conquer my fears. I rode it around the block, then the next day rode it too work. After a few weeks I thought that it was pretty boring so I asked my husband if we could get a different bike. He said I don't understand why you want to this or why you are doing this, it's not a good idea. He then decided that he wanted a bike and in order for me to agree on his purchase he probably should let me get a bike of my own. We went to the dealership and purchased two bikes and trailered them home.

I now have a Honda Shadow VLX600. I am taking baby steps though...I have had it two days now. I managed to get it started for the first time yesterday. I sat on it and let it run then shut it off. Today I will ride it in the cul-de-sac. I have a fear of riding but I will conquer it and never be a passenger again. The thrill of riding keeps calling to me. All the stories I have read on this web site inspire me and give me the courage to keep trying. Thank you all for the stories you have submitted to this website. God speed!!!!


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From Kelly: "My name is Kelly. I live on Whidbey Island in Washington State. I am a
mother of three, grandmother to one. I turned 40 in April."

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