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by psy

Hey guys have I got a story for everyone especially WV folks.

Last Saturday I got a certified letter in the mail as did approximately 350 other WV folks. This letter stated that IF I didn't contact the Charleston office of the DMV that my motorcycle endorsement would be rescinded. I would have to re-take the DMV's skills testing within a 30 day period.

Charleston is about a 4 hour ride from my house. Nice to have to ride that, be exceptionally tired and take a bike test????????????

Nice to have to stew over this until the following Monday huh? I actually lost 3 nights sleep over this and 3 great days of riding. I was afraid that if I was involved in a wreck or got picked up for 'something' that I license wouldn't be any good. I ride everyday that it's not raining........ My Volusia is my entire life and all I do revolves around riding.

Monday, started calling 10:01 am. Spent an hour on the phone with busy calls sounds and getting put on a voice mail list. I couldn't stand it anymore so went shopping (nervous relief for me when I can't ride) and of course got a call back about 3:30 pm that afternoon.

Tuesday, finally got a hold of a real live person at the DMV. She of course couldn't answer my questions put me on another hold list but I did get a call in about an hour's time that told me that I would have to call yet another office........ Love telephones.........

I made the callssssssssss to the other office, finally got the guy to call me back within the hour. I explained to him that I had indeed took the skills test in 09/2002 on a Honda 250 and had passed, when several 'Harley guys' with the huge bikes didn't make the course. He said that didn't matter that the Hancock staff wasn't requiring everyone to go through the course correctly so everyone from 2001 had to re-test. Nice Huh!!!!!!! I was so proud of myself that fall............ 3 months of experience and passed the test.

I'm Irish so the temper was on the verge of seeing bright red.

I than explained to this gentleman that I had also taken the Motorcycle Safety Course in May of 2003, completed it with a passing score. So this guy told me to fax my course completion card to him proving my statement (of course they don't keep records and my word good enough?? yea!) and I would not have to re-test.

So WV folks, if you took their Safety Course you don't have to re-test, at this point of time anyhow.

Think a Volusia could run the cones and the tight corner at the end of the cones? I don't.......... I've seen too many Harley's not make this course. I swear I would have rented a 250 someplace, went for the endorsement on it. In fact a couple of 'Harley' friends borrowed my little 250 last year and did just that.

Besides I can honestly say that the stupid course has nothing to do with on road biking as far as I'm concerned. I've put 22,000+ miles on two bikes in two years, I feel I might have a slight idea of what I'm doing.

I had about a 2 hour hands on lesson from my brother and than read read read read Motorcycle Proficiency and a safety course book until I nearly wore their covers off. This done me more good than the endorsement test or safety course.

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From psy: "Posted to help other WV riders."

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