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Tip from an Old Goldwing Pro

by Shawna St. Pierre

I got my license last year but wasn't crazy about the bike I had. My husband and I decided to go to different show rooms to find out what it was I didn't like and to get an idea of what I was looking for.

We started poking around a showroom at a Honda Powersports dealership. They had the little Rebel, which I love but was a little unsure as I knew I'd outgrow it too fast. The next step up was the Shadow 750. 500 cc's is a huge jump, hell, it's a bike category itself!

Reluctantly I sat on one of the 750's, and was trying to get it upright when one of the salespeople came by. He watched me for a couple of minutes struggling with this heavy monster and offered to show me the easy way to do it. I was more than grateful.

He showed me to stop strong arming it, there's no way I was ever going to budge it that way. His trick is to keep it on the kick stand, both feet firmly on the floor, turn the front wheel all the way to the right until the bike begins to right itself and help it along with a weight shift from the left foot to the right foot while straightening the front wheel. The bike almost magically rights itself with no pulling, tugging or struggling.
There is very little effort involved with this, and it's such an easy trick! My husband had to remind me and show me again this spring, but I thought I'd share and hopefully others will find this trick useful.

I still found the 750 too intimidating for a first bike and instead bought a used 600.

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About Shawna: "newbie, got my license last year, have a Honda Shadow VLX 600"

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