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Throttle control, throttle management, roll on, roll off.

Just how and the heck can I practice getting smoother on the throttle?

One way to practice is between the lights as you putt down the road.

Get into third gear, or fourth, and roll off then on the throttle.

If you have the habit of chopping the gas this is going to smooth out those habits. Try and work towards a smooth transition going back and forth, up and down the throttle range. No bucking, no forward, backward lunges.

Once you get good in the higher gear, then drop down one gear and start over. Again, up, down, back and forth within the speed range of the gear you've selected.

Do make sure that the roads are safe and preferable empty when you're practicing this. Maybe once or twice each time out, while you're warming up the engine or getting your tires warmed up. You will develop a 'touch' rolling that throttle in gradual increments.

Some hints. Take the weight off your wrists. Use your legs to grasp the tank and keep your back supported at the same time. Concentrate on learning from the feedback you get from your bike.

Smooth, smooth, smooth, that's the goal.

Get your throttle transitions smoothed out while you're upright.

The reason being that it will become very important during turns and other steering transitions. A little rain, some slippery tar snakes, and you'll be glad you spent a little time working on this.

There is a 'next' step towards all this practice. The art of using the throttle on or off while applying the front brake. Braking, down shifting, blipping the throttle to match engine speed with gear selection etc. Sometimes entering a turn at one gear will be wrong for exiting that same turn. Your transition must be smooth to ensure the least possible disruption to your traction as you finish the turn.

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