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Don't let the rain stop you. Get out there when the rain is falling. Especially now when it's not that freezing cold winter rain. One day you're going to get 'caught' at night, in rain, maybe even on a curvy road and you'll be glad you practiced in all that water.

Find out what kind of rain gear works and what doesn't. Don't forget galoshes of some sort and rubber gloves to go over your leather ones. Feel the sting of rain drops against your open face and make those windshield adjustments. Better yet get a face shield. Learn to ride over a puddle only to find a big pothole. Find out what wet leaves, steel grating, gravel and wood bridges feel like when wet, i.e. gorilla snot. Get familiar with tire slip as you turn on those painted pedestrian strips.

Although braking and steering is surprisingly similar in rain, being smooth at the helm becomes very important. Now you don't have to do all this today.

Like learning anything new, practice. Don't avoid uphill starts, u-turns, gravel, or rain, practice on them instead. I would even suggest taking your bike out on some nice gravel or dirt just to get accustomed to riding in loose stuff. It will develop your balance and handling skills as well as gaining confidence when you cant feel your front or back tires.

I know, some may think it's a bit extreme taking your bike out in rocks and mud. But dirt washes off and it's softer than asphalt.

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SPEEDSLUG is a frequent contributor to the Women Riders International (WRI) Forum and has generously allowed us to post his tips at here at

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