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Keep your eyes level with the horizon. Line up your wrist, elbow, shoulder, and push on the bar smoothly.

Maybe this will help you get a feel for what you're doing. Next time you're on a empty road or lot ride in a straight line. Now push down on one foot peg, nothing else. What happens? The bike leans in that direction and starts to turn. Now try the other side. Same thing.

You're moving your center of balance and in effect leaning the bike over. Now when you do that with input at the handlebars, you've just increased the amount of energy and efficiency to turn the bike. Counter-steering is how we steer, that's the basic commandment. But adding input by moving your center of gravity over adds to turning effectively.

Next time you're on a wide sweeper try the step on the peg method.

Practice shifting your weight without using your arms to pull over. Use the legs to do the work. Balls of the feet on the pegs. We don't want to inadvertently input anything into the bars. Move over in your seat just an inch or two at first until the movement is comfortable. Its exactly the same thing you're doing now, except leaning forward. Work at it until you can easily slide over about half a "gluteus maximus".

Ever draw railroad tracks in art class to learn about that 'vanishing' point thing? Well, apply that to looking where you want to go too. You always hear that phase, but here's a way to apply it so that 'looking where you want to go' makes some sense. Scan ahead to find that vanishing point. Moving your eyes forward from one vanishing point to the next one up ahead. Concentrate on the next VP instead of letting your eyes drift to the center line or oncoming cars. If you catch yourself looking at hood ornaments, you risk becoming one very soon.

Try everything, use what works for you.

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SPEEDSLUG is a frequent contributor to the Women Riders International (WRI) Forum and has generously allowed us to post his tips at here at

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