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This last weekend I just suddenly noticed that EVERYONE driving a car was holding a cell phone next to their ear. On the street, on the freeway, on the on ramp, at the left hand turn lane.

Ok, I know its 2002, and cells are here to stay. But the point is, this free weekend minute thing has everyone using their phone when they drive. Most probably work during the weekdays, and while running weekend errands use the cell on just the weekends cause it's 'free'. Least that's what it seemed like to me.

Danger Will Robinson: People don't 'see' us as it is. They cant judge our speed even when they do see us. Cages always try to encroach on our space, usually unconsciously. And yes, some just don't give a rodents "gluteus maximus". Toss in a million-jillion one handed cell phones drivers now on top of all this.

Red Alert - turn on the SIPDE* EVERY TIME YOU RIDE.

* Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute

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