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Just a handy item to toss in your handy-dandy tool kit. The name brand is Vise Grip. Been around forever. It's pliers like tool that has a locking feature that helps 'bite' down or clamp whatever you want to secure, tighter than you could ever accomplish using regular pliers. Smaller seems to fit better in that tiny compartment under the seat so the 4 or 5 inch model is plenty.

Why bother when you already have a plier? Well after a get off, if it's on the right side, invariably the rear brake pedal gets mushed over to where it's unusable. If the brake is free, no problem, but if its locking the rear tire, just clamp down on the pedal and pull it out to where it will clear and become operable. I tried this once with one of those folding pliers gadgets. Mucho difficult to get a good grip at a bad angle and try to lever it back in place. Another thing is that brake or clutch levers tend to snap off like toothpicks.

With the grip feature, you can lock on to the nub that's left and hopefully nurse it home. After a slide on the road, nuts, bolts and other fasteners will get ground off or sheared like butter. If the resulting half nut or nub must come off in the field to get home the grip feature will be about the only thing that will grab the errant fastener to remove it. Because of it's clamping feature holding a dangling turn indicator or securing a light bar bolt is within it's realm of usefulness.

Available anywhere just about for about ten bucks or less. I know most of you aren't going to drop everything to go get one, but keep it in mind next time you hit the Depot or Sears.

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