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Just about everyone has to back out of the garage or parking spot sooner or later. If you can get good traction while seated then good.

But what if you cant and need to walk it out? Well, here's just one way that may work for you.
Grab the bars, don't forget the side stand. For practice hold the wheels straight while standing next to the bike. Notice how it feels barely in balance and ready to tip over? Now turn the bars to the right half way. Just like you would do if counter-steering to make a left turn. What did the bike do? It leaned left, or towards you, instead of away from you. Keep that move in tucked away in your head. As soon as the bike feels like its falling away from you turn the wheel to the right. You'll save chrome and plastic.

Now, to back out of the garage. Hold the bars, lean your right hip against the tank and lean the bike slightly towards you. Just enough to put a little pressure against you. If it gets heavier straighten the bike a little. No weight, then lean the bike towards you a bit.

Now with you leaning a bit and the bike leaning a bit, walk backwards out the garage door. Make sure the floor isn't slippery and free of any sand or gas spills. Cover the brake with a finger or two if you are going to encounter a downward slope.

On steep downward slopes, or coming down a steep ramp. Put the bike in gear and release or engage the clutch to adjust the speed. It's easier cause you are standing next to the bike and the clutch lever is closer and easier to control than the brake lever.

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SPEEDSLUG is a frequent contributor to the Women Riders International (WRI) Forum and has generously allowed us to post his tips at here at

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