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OMG!! Am I crazy?!?

by BrendaKO

My co-workers and family all think I am having a major mid-life crisis. I am 43, two kids over 20 and a terrific, supportive husband of 24+ years. When I was a teenager, I had a dirt bike, and rode every chance I could. I joined the Air Force at 18, and met hubby. Our first assignment was England, and I bought my first road bike then. Rode until I got pregnant. Put the bikes away.

6 months ago, I was in traffic, and a group of riders passed me. I just stared. Two weeks later, I was researching motorcycles online, and going to every dealership around. The pull to ride again was amazing. I finally got brave enough to talk to my husband about wanting a bike. He doesn't ride. He said, go for it. I continued my search, and fell in love with the Vulcan. A really great dealer in Riverdale, GA told me the 750 would be too tall for me, but the 800 would be just right. He told me to sit on one, and he was right. I found a used one on, called and went up on a Wednesday afternoon. I fell in love with it. I haven't been on a bike in over 20 years, but I managed to ride it around the parking lot of his condo without dropping it. We made a deal and I gave him a deposit. My husband was in the air somewhere between Amarillo and Dallas, Texas when I left him a voice mail telling him I bought a bike! When he called back, he said, were you just a bit excited?? YES!!

On Friday, August 8th, I called the seller, and told him I would pick up the bike on Saturday. Then I went to DMV and took the written test. Only missed two. Saturday, my husband drove me the 30 plus miles to pick it up. I know I should have found back roads, but my husband said, go ahead, I'll block traffic on your back. I took I-285 from Smyrna, GA to I-85 south to Highway 138. Somewhere about 5 miles into the ride, I thought what an idiot I am, what was I thinking?! But I made it, didn't drop it or stall it. I won't be going back on the expressways around Atlanta any time soon, I will tell you!!

Sunday, I rode for nearly 5 hours. Put gas in 3 times, and had a blast. Time got away from me, and I remember thinking when I was about 40 miles from home, I have to remember to wear my watch next time!! Monday I rode it to work, and after work for 3 hours, again, all back roads and small towns. Tuesday I got home from work just before the bottom dropped out. I have a helmet but no rain gear yet. In the week I have owned this jewel, I have over 500 miles on it already, and it was in for it's 3000 mile checkup Wednesday and Thursday!! Dealer said it was in great shape.

As I am riding, I realize that I am more relaxed and happy than I have been in a very long time. I have signed up for the safety course in September, and hopefully will pass the driving portion without any problems.

Crazy, yet!! Lovin' it and plan on convincing my husband to ride with me. I just can't believe I waited this long!!

I am enclosing a photo of my Vulcan. It is a very sweet ride. I am 5'6" tall, and it allows me to get my feet flat. If you see me on the road, you will see my grin!!

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From BrendaKO: "I ride a 2002 Vulcan 800 Classic. Just got my provisional license, signed up for safety course."

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