Dedicated to the women who RIDE THEIR OWN motorcycles  


by Pakwa

How many women out there can relate with this….you get divorced at 46 years of age, start dating again, want to be on a motorcycle and always have to wait for some guy you are hooked up with to take you on a ride? At their convenience, of course. Well, I can tell you, it was not the lifestyle I was looking for and I decided to change it. At the fabulous age of 49 I took the MSF course, passed it (even though my figure “8” left something to be desired) and went home to my “new” used 1997 Honda VLX 600.

I finished the class on Sunday, got on my bike on Monday and immediately proceeded to drop it within the first half hour. No damage was done to the bike, no major damage to me, but it did pull my back out. A week and half later I was still dreaming of the day I would be able to get on my new toy and go out and play with the other “kids”.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003 was the starting point of my new life. Being an independent and determined person, I decided that since my only real problem with the bike was making right turns, then so be it…I just won’t make right turns until I get the hang of riding. I live thirteen miles from one of the favorite “bike night” places in town. My first time there on this fateful night it took me 21 miles to get there, all done with left turns. Yes, as a friend said, two rights do not make a wrong, but three lefts will make a right. My riding buddies still enjoy teasing me about it, but at least I made it there.

That was fourteen weeks ago. I now have 4,500 miles on my little beast and ride everywhere. The only thing that prevents me from leaving the house on the bike is if it’s pouring down rain when I wake up, other than that I’m on it. Since I learned to ride on US 19 in Clearwater, FL, traffic does not present too much of a problem for me. I’ve only dropped the bike one other time and that was while trying to back out of my driveway…yes, I learned to make sure I’m going straight out.

What can I offer as a new rider with a good number of miles in the saddle? Make believe you are invisible and that everyone is trying to hit you (makes you much more aware of your surroundings) and trust your instincts. If you haven’t taken the safety course, do it! Even if you’ve been a passenger like I was (for 30 years!), the education you will get from the course will make you a better rider, more confident and much safer when you get on the road.

Keep the shiny side up….

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From Pakwa: "1997 Honda VLX 600, was only a passenger for 30 years, belong to SCRC, ABATE of Florida, Bayside Chapter and HRCA, ride daily."

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