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by Anna

I'd wanted to ride my own bike for years. Always having to be a bit of a "tough guy" for some reason I felt I'd be a natural. My husband who rides a 1999 Harley Heritage Springer and who has had numerous bikes from British to Harleys had gone over a little with me, but I'd never ridden a bike at all. He's part of a bike club and takes it all very seriously. As much as I enjoyed going on trips with him, it was a nice close feeling, I also wanted to accomplish riding a bike myself.

I had booked my course and cancelled it before, but this year turning 40 in May was a turning point, either now or never. I booked the course and took it the week of my birthday. At first I'd panic a bit when I couldn't catch on. Shifting was my first turmoil, but a very patient instructor took me aside and explained it over and over and let me practice until I finally caught on. At that point, all was well, this was fun, I was loving it now. Then my next night of lessons and "push turning" had me petrified. I took my turn, up to 2nd then, panic, at the end of the little pylons was a sharp turn and I was heading right for the garage doors.

I panicked, locked up the front brake in a mud puddle, and crash went down. My first instinct was to hit the kill switch and up I jumped, lifting the bike without even thinking about it. My legs were skinned and my toe was throbbing, it hurt to walk, I thought for sure it was broken. Break time came, I went to the back of the building. I phoned my husband from my cell phone. We had a Harley FXRS picked out for me, nice low seat, but too big for me I realized now, my tough guy gig was up. I started crying, "I'm not getting that bike," and explained what happened. To my surprise he said, "Hon, I know you can do this. Everybody drops their bike. It's like riding a horse-you got bucked off, but get back on it, I know you can do this." With that I went back to the course.

I went on to get my license and after looking at Sportsters decided I needed a light, low bike to start. I don't have to have a "tough guy" Harley, humbled to say the least at this point. A friend was selling her Suzuki Savage 650 and it was a 99 in excellent condition. We looked at it and I knew this was my fit. It might even be a bit small for me as I'm not what you'd call a petite little gal, at 5'4" and about a size 16/18.

I still can't get over that fear of speeding up and dumping the bike. Plus my husband and I were involved in motor vehicle accident this past March, to which a guy ran a red light and plowed into us. I'm scared to go past 3rd gear. I'm scared of speed and ride along like a little snail. This can be dangerous I know. Last night for the first time I took my bike out alone for a 20 minute ride. My husband has been taking it to parking lots and I follow in the truck and ride around the lot. Last night was my first solo effort. I know I have to speed up to avoid getting squashed like a bug, and stop fearing that throttle. I know I can do it and I know practice makes perfect.

This site has helped to give me some confidence as well, others who know how I feel. I know that I can do it and if at first you don't succeed try, try again, and I intend to!

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From Anna:
"I'm a 40 year old newly licensed novice rider."

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