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by Angel

My first bike and my first ride - an unbelievable beginning of a journey with no end.

The morning of May 10, 2004, my husband Dave asked me what I wanted for my birthday which is on May 24. He asks me this same question for Mother's Day, Christmas, our Anniversary, etc... For the past 7 years I have responded with the same answer - "Dave, you know what I want. Please stop buying me clothes and jewelry that I don't wear and perfume that I don't use. Save up your money and put a Harley in the driveway for me. Until then, don't buy me anything." And off I went to work with a splitting headache. My head was pounding all day long. At about 3:00 p.m., I decided that I would go to one more appointment and then cancel the rest for the day (I sell real estate). I had to teach a real estate class later that evening so I thought that I would go home and lay down to get rid of my headache.

Well, instead of going home, I took my $27.00 and went downtown. What's downtown, you ask? Well, 3 casinos. I ended up at the Motorcity Casino. I took $20.00 and put it in a nickel slot machine. I was done playing in about 30 seconds. I was so mad at myself that I left the casino. The valet guys didn't even have a chance to park my car!! As I am waiting for my car to come around, my cell phone rings and it is the owner of the real estate school that I teach for. She called to tell me that she would teach my evening class for me. So, now that I don't have to teach a class, what do I do? Right! I went to another casino - Greektown casino.

I love to play the Harley Davidson nickel slot machines there. It is a progressive slot machine. I went to the cashiers cage and took $400.00 off my money card and ran over to my favorite machine - you know, the one on the end. I put a $100.00 dollar bill in the machine (that's 2000 nickels) and played that machine until I turned my 2000 nickels into 8000 nickels, or $400.00! I cashed out that money and put another $100.00 in the machine and guess what? I played that $100.00 or 2000 nickels up to 8000 nickels and cashed out that$400.00 and put it in my purse. Now I have $800.00 in my purse and $200.00 in my pocket. I play another hundred and the machine let me play but it took my money. I put the last hundred in my pocket in the machine. That machine drank up my money like a thirsty dog!!!

It was about 4:50 p.m. and I hate driving in rush hour traffic, and I was up or ahead $400.00. So, I took one of the tickets in my purse and put it in the machine. I hit the spin button - nothing. I spin again and this time it gives me 100 nickels. I hit the spin button again, and guess what? Here it comes, Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson, Haley Davidson, Harley-Davidson!!!!!! Right down the middle!! I look at the guy two machines away from me and he's not reacting. Maybe I didn't do what I thought I'd done?

Finally, I jump out of my seat and grab this by his shoulders and ask, "did I win the bike?" He looks at my machine and says, "lady, you just won all the money!" But sir, "did I win the bike?" "Yes, lady you won the bike and the money!!"

Oh my God!!!! I yelled. After taking delivery of my 100th anniversary Fatboy, I enrolled in the rider's edge motorcycle safety course - I passed the course and have been on the bike ever since!! It just goes to show you that if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself!!!

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From Angel: "I ride an '03 Fatboy and an '05 Softail Deluxe. I've only been riding
since June, 2004."

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