Dedicated to the women who RIDE THEIR OWN motorcycles  


by AliCat

I have wanted to ride my own Harley Davidson for 24 years. My husband had a few Harleys in his time. When I meet him he had a 1977 Low Rider®. I loved being on that bike. We married in 1980 and by 1984 he sold the bike. This was the bike that he rode back and forth from New Jersey to Florida a few times a year. One year he went from New Jersey to New Orleans then to Daytona Beach for Bike week. From 1978 to 2003 I had always wanted to ride my own bike. And I remember telling him I wanted to ride his bike on numerous occasions he would reply, "Not on my bike".

In 2000 we bought a 1999 883C Sportster and again I was on the back. Even on the back I loved riding. We began going on different events with the Sportster, poker runs, Biff Burgers Bike night, and more and more women where riding their own bikes. After talking with different women and hearing how they took a riding class and now they ride, I wanted to do the same. My husband bought a 2003 Softail Deuce the hundred year anniversary model in February. He put the Sportster in the paper even though I told him I wanted to ride it. However I could not reach the ground sitting on the seat. I began pushing for different shocks, handle bars and a slimmer seat. As time passed we had only a few calls on the Sportster.

Finally in March I signed up for the class and had to wait until April. The riding class was Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. By Saturday night I rolled the Sportster out of the garage my husband and son were trying to talk me out of riding it around the block, of course they won. My husband surprised me by coming down to the class on Sunday with my bike. He changed the seat and put a lowering kit on her. She was perfect in every way. After the class on Sunday I was ready and no one was going to tell me different. I came home from class at 3:00 pm. and asked my husband if he wanted to go for a ride. His answer was no and that I should only go around the circle we live on. He went on to say that he could not ride that slow and did not intend on riding with me at all.

I did as he said at first, two times around the circle was enough, I told him I would be back later and off I went. Once I was down the street I headed for a close area by my home. I soon became bored and came back home. I asked Michael if he wanted to go with me again and he said no so I was off. This time I went visiting on the other side of town, the ride was so great. I was in love again that was the feeling I had and still do. After venturing out I came home and again asked Michael if he wanted to go with me. This time he gave in and we rode together for the first time. I wanted him to lead and he said no you go first but as time went on he did take the lead.

The following weekend we took off from Pinellas Park to Old Town Florida on the bikes, a three hour ride. We had a great time going and coming. At first when reaching speeds of 70 mph I thought what did I got my self into. My helmet was bothering me and I was wearing and eating a lot of bugs. But on the way back I got a face shield and all was well. In closing I have been out and about by my self and love being in the wind and feeling free. I’m looking forward to more rides with my husband and my good friends.

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From AliCat:
"I ride a 1999 Harley Sportster 883C. On April 27, 2003 I took my first ride by my self after finishing the rides course."

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