Dedicated to the women who RIDE THEIR OWN motorcycles  


by Chris S.

Well, we finally pulled back into our street at noon. High noon, and boy do I mean high. It was so hot that pulling my boots took several tries as my husband lowered the trailer ramp and untied Lil' Boy Blue, our first bike, a Honda Rebel, in blue of course. Finally finished getting all the safety gear on and straddled him. Placed him in neutral and gently, with Ralph guiding and holding on to the rear for extra support, let him roll off the back of the U-haul. You could feel how anxious he was. How anxious I was. Then all of that melted away as I looked up and saw a Dragonfly hovering just inches from my helmet as if too say, "This is nothing. You can do this. Both of you can."

So I pulled the clutch in, turned the fuel on, placed my hand over the front brake and pressed the button. *GROWL* He said as he came to life. So ready to be ridden. I gently let the clutch out and pulled on the throttle a little. He was out like a shot of lightening! I yanked the clutch in and let go of the throttle as if to say "Whoa, fella, not so fast just yet." A few more stop starts in that jerky motion and slow, engine off, turn around and sailed smoothly home and into the drive. OMG my first right turn and I didn't drop! I gently killed the engine and promised a longer ride in the evening as I walked him into his new home. Safe and secure in our humble lil' garage.

He's was finally home and I finally had my first ride. We both sighed happily. I stripped off my riding gear that was dripping with my sweat and went inside.

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From Chris:
"I ride an '03 Honda Rebel 250, Lil Boy Blue, live in is Mississippi. I've been riding since this summer and have ridden to Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee. I ride with the SCRC."

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