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by JoJo

It was a cold Friday in February when my husband came home and told me that he had finally picked out a motorcycle, a Vulcan 800.I promptly asked him what mine was, and was informed that I didn't get one. The next morning he took me to the shop to show it to me, and I immediately bought an Eliminator 125(Kawasaki also). It was 2 weeks before we picked them up due to ordering extra's, saddlebags, supports, backrests, etc. My reasons were as follows; I'm not a good passenger in a car, let alone on a motorcycle - while I had ridden ATV's in the past (and a dirt bike that was too big for me that I dumped after about 200 feet, 15 years ago) my husband had no experience on anything of that nature. And I didn't want to wait around for him to learn. Back to the ride, my husband's cousin rode them both home for us on Feb. 27th 2004. When they got back with mine, he asked if I wanted to brave the cold and go for a quick ride. I was thoroughly convinced that I would maybe get into 2nd gear before I dumped it, and never ride again.

To my surprise I took off, made two turns out on to a side road that was actually paved (ours is chip and seal), went a mile or so down to road, made it through the loop (dead end), came back to our house (2 left turns), turned around at the end of our road (dead end also), and backed it into our driveway and down to the shed. Mission accomplished!!! Although a week later, when we got off the back roads and went down the giant hill to the highway and went to town was almost as nerve-wracking as the first ride.

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From JoJo:
"Starting out on a Kawasaki Eliminator 125,experience....a little over 600 miles."

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